Moringa for Weight Loss

February 13, 2018     admin

There is raging demand in the market for weight loss supplements and foods that serve as a natural weight loss solution. After being widely used for its miracle medicinal properties, many cosmetic and nutritional businesses have also resorted to the Moringa herb because of its favorable benefits. Moringa is now widely used as a natural weight loss supplement.
Inculcation of Moringa in a healthy well-balanced lifestyle can speed up weight loss in a number of ways;

1) Nutrients to limit cravings

A herb as high in nutritional value like Moringa can provide more Vitamins A and C, more calcium and proteins than food items like milk, carrots and eggs. Consumption of Moringa plant allows these minerals to boost the body’s energy and restrict the cravings for junk food and other foods. Changing from an unhealthy fatty junk food diet to a healthier one can cause a lot of cravings as the human body adjusts to the new sources of energy. Moringa helps curb your cravings to unhealthy food items whilst ensuring the body gets regulated spikes of energy and sugar levels in the blood.

2) Water Retention and Weight Loss

Many people have to struggle with their body’s water weight. This is particularly prominent in individuals who drink less water during the day leading to higher levels of water retention. The leaf extracts and leaf powder of Moringa positively reduce the water build-up in the body that causes bloatedness and uncomfortable. Due to the plant’s anti-inflammatory properties, it helps reduce water retention and alleviates the discomfort of bloating.

3) Moringa Weight Loss Fibers

Moringa extracts are found to be rich in fibers, which is a natural solution to curb cravings and help the weight loss process. The herb provides a high fiber diet to counter fat absorption. It also helps in burning off fats rather than storing them in the body. Moringa offers both insoluble fibers and soluble fibers. The insoluble fibers help alleviate the condition of constipation and other digestive problems while the soluble fibers lower the cholesterol levels to fight obesity.

4) Helps Fat Breakdown in the body

Moringa’s seeds are found to be a rich source of folic acid which facilitates the breakdown of saturated fats stored in the body. Junk foods and highly processed foods are rich sources of saturated fat which cause weight problems. When the saturated fats in the body are broken down, the body is able to process them rather than store them. It significantly reduces belly fat and boosts weight loss.

5) Stimulates Metabolism

A very rich vitamin structure found in Moringa herb keenly stimulates metabolism and boosts the digestive system. It helps flush toxins, waste and breakdown excessive fats from the body by speeding up the metabolism.



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